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Our team of financial advisers provides a modern, efficient approach to investing nonprofit and association reserves, endowments, and retirement plans.







We understand the challenges that
nonprofits and associations encounter

Aligning investment policies with organizational goals, preferences, values, and risk tolerance
Identifying how much to hold in reserve and making best use of cash assets
Lack of transparency in reporting and fees
New Board member orientation
We offer a tailored investment
to nonprofit and association

reserves, endowments, and retirement plans.
Why Choose RIA?
Sensible Approach
We know you don't want surprises. We avoid unnecessary risks and minimize expenses in an effort to provide a modern, reliable experience for nonprofits & associations.
Loyal Partner
As a fiduciary that is independent of any bank or broker, we sit on your side of the table—advocating solely for you.
All Around Excellence
From onboarding and client service, to portfolio management, custom reporting and proactive ongoing communications, our team of experienced advisers are determined to make every client interaction extraordinary.
Here’s what our clients are saying
David Teske
Association of College Unions International
Director of Finance and Administration

We’ve had a great relationship with Raffa Investment Advisors for nearly five years. Their nonprofit experience and the qualifications of their advisors have allowed us to align investment strategy with our mission. The education they provide has been of great benefit o both our Board of Directors and Finance Committee. Raffa’s client communication is timely and on-target and the quality of reporting is always high.

Beth-Ellen Berry
Chief Financial Officer
NPO Services

We’ve been with Raffa Investment Advisers for over ten years. Their communication skills, available, and responsiveness has been outstanding over the years. Our Management and Board Members trust and rely on their guidance. We highly recommend Raffa Investment Advisers and truly appreciate their expertise in helping us to meet our investment goals.

Dave Coplan
Executive Director
Human Services Center

The Human Services Center is proud to call RIA our partner and we have entrusted their outstanding team with our assets since 2017. Our aspect that has separated them both in the competitive bid process and in our experience to date was and is their exceptional communication, availability, and responsiveness. The personal approach of their team with market reports, as well as catering our monthly reporting to our agency’s needs have made our relationship with RIA and rich experience.

Download our Study on
Nonprofit Investing (SONI)

Launched in 2012, the annual Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI) seeks to meet the need for timely, relevant, actionable data about how nonprofits invest their reserves and how their investments perform.

Now is your chance to answer the question—Are my organization’s investment reserves “normal”?

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