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Investment Advice in the Best Interest of the Investor

At Raffa Wealth Management we put the client first, making all investment decisions in the best interest of the client.  We see it as our fiduciary duty.  Our goal is to be clear and direct about fees and align our interests with our clients.

However, that is not always the case in the investment advice industry.  This article details new legislation being proposed that seems so obvious; that investment professionals working with clients should put their clients’ needs above their own.

Needless to say we think this is a good step to improve the financial advice industry.


Index Performance                                      Feb.     YTD      Trl. 1 Yr.              

US Stock (Russell 3000)                                    5.79%    2.85%     14.12%
Foreign Stock (FTSE AW ex US)                      5.29%    5.35%       1.97%
Total US Bond Mkt. (BarCap Aggregate)      -0.94%     1.14%      5.05%
Short US Gov. Bonds (BarCap Gov 1-5 Yr)   -0.47%    0.48%       1.12%
Municipal Bonds (BarCap 1-10yr Muni)       -0.69%    0.70%      3.35%
Cash (ML 3Month T-Bill)                                  0.00%    0.00%     0.03%




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