This involves analyzing your current level of assets, tolerance for risk and volatility, and the amount of any additional retirement income sources (such as social security and any pension income). We consider scenarios that reflect different potential savings rates, future spending levels, and possible retirement dates before making any recommendations. We use a sophisticated simulation program to stress test thousands of performance outcomes using historical risk and return assumptions. In doing so, we can help identify the probability that a given portfolio allocation and withdrawal rate will sustain the income necessary to last throughout your projected retirement.

Traveling the Glide Path

As you progresses through retirement your spending rate will change, your tolerance for risk will lessen, and the value of your portfolio will fluctuate. Through our Retirement Income Planning process, we’re able to identify the target value of your portfolio throughout your retirement. We refer to this as the ideal “glide path” that your retirement portfolio should travel through their retirement. As the portfolio value deviates from this path over time, there are several actions you can take to get yourself back on target. This is our mission in practice, empowering investors to make better informed decisions.

RIA provides Retirement Income Planning services, upon request, to clients that are individuals or couples as part of the firm’s overall portfolio management process. RIA does not charge separately for this service. The fee for this service is included in the fee related to RIA’s Investment Supervisory Services.